I have been screwed up so many times in life. And it’s not gonna stop me!!

Yes, I have been screwed up. Not the first time though. After a long preparation, I scored a 680(Q47, V34). I was literally shocked to see that score. I took a break for 2 days to completely forget about it. I have decided to give it one final shot, hoping to reach the elusive 740+ Score!!. Since I want to put a solid application, I will be retaking the GMAT and apply for Round-2 application cycle.

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The festival season is here & Congrats to my fellow bloggers who got accepted!!

It’s been a long time since i posted!!!

It feels good to be back in town. I had a wonderful to trip to United States of America. Hope there is more to come in future and ultimately, i wanted to join one of my favorite B-Schools. During this trip, i had the privilege to meet my colleagues and work with them. It was wonderful to meet those people whom you contact/ converse via Lync or Mails daily.

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1st Step to my target GMAT score!!

After a month and half into my preparation, I took a mock test yesterday (31st August 2014). I didn’t take mock test at the beginning of my preparation, since I know where I stand in GMAT, from my previous test. But I would recommend the people who start their GMAT journey for the first time to take a mock before they dive into intense preparation.

This would help them to know where they stand, what and where to improve, and what section to focus more during the preparation.

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Preparing for the GMAT battle!!


                          Quote: A good start is half battle won!!!

I initially planned to start my preparation in June for my GMAT. And I did study for a week or two. But as the biggest sporting event in the world started in Brazil, so I had to stop my preparation as I will be watching most of football matches and considering the above quote, I wanted to give a good start to my preparation this time. During this whole month of football carnival, I had changed my baseline dates for my GMAT project, starting with Quant from July 21st.

Off To A Good Start

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