I have been screwed up so many times in life. And it’s not gonna stop me!!

Yes, I have been screwed up. Not the first time though. After a long preparation, I scored a 680(Q47, V34). I was literally shocked to see that score. I took a break for 2 days to completely forget about it. I have decided to give it one final shot, hoping to reach the elusive 740+ Score!!. Since I want to put a solid application, I will be retaking the GMAT and apply for Round-2 application cycle.

Failure to Success

I asked to bb(GMAT Club Founder), my fellow moderators @ GMAT Club & my family. They really motivated me. The words and encouragement from them gave me needed charge/boost to give it final shot. But this time, I’m gonna give it all and see what it takes to reach the elusive score. I have put a plan and no matter what, I’m going to stick to it.

It’s an intense 40 days plan before my last & final GMAT(November 2nd week). Materials to prepare are hard to come by as i almost finished everything. Since, the basics are still fresh in my mind, i will be just concentrating on my weakness and practicing to improve them. I have got the ESR, and analyzed where I need to concentrate more. And I will be working towards to it in these 40 days.

First of with the Quant, I need to increase the Q47 to Q50 and then maintain that level while I prepare to improve my verbal from V34 to V42 or V 44. I believe it will work, and I believe I can reach.

This is my first post after a long time. There have been so many changes in life and work. Lot of work related foreign trips and Lot of fight within myself to pursue the dream and many more. I hope to see failure behind me; and I hope to see perseverance and success ahead of me!!

Finally, I wish luck for all my fellow applicants who are applying for R1 and I wish luck for all those who are taking/retaking GMAT to get their target score and target schools.

Until next time,



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