When the whole world celebrated Valentine day and enjoyed with their Love. I was hoping that Cupid will shoot his Arrow of desire/love towards me. But instead I had to stick with my GMAT preparation.

When many MBA applicants are keen in making a decision about “Which school to attend”. I had to stick with OG and Practice for the GMAT with whatever materials I have. Not that I’m Complaining/ whining as I had already made my decision to apply for Class of 2018.

You can ask, then what’s the point in mentioning about this. I mentioning this just shout out “Congratulations” to all my fellow MBA aspirants for getting accepted into their target B-Schools. :). And all best for your decision making process, if you haven’t made it yet. Most of them had hell of ride, I was able to witness from their blogs. It certainly helped me to get ready for the application process which i will be starting this fall. Also their blogs taught me, what to expect and what not to expect once you are done with your applications and you know that you have screwed somewhere of the application.

All I wanted to say is that– “Thanks” to all bloggers who will be matriculating this year in their dream B-schools and in the process helping me/ fellow aspirants with their blog posts :). Hope their MBA/ GMAT blogs will transform into B-school life blogs soon 🙂

Confession: Before starting my blog I had no idea about the interview process and what questions to expect etc etc. Now I believe, I have full knowledge if not some knowledge about the key elements in a MBA Applications. Obviously, it makes me feel relaxed as I have to concentrate more on my GMAT as of now.

Coming back to GMAT, I almost done with my Preparation and getting ready for the Final countdown and assessing my performance with Mocks. Talking about mocks- i scored 680(Q-48 & V-35) recently. I felt really happy that my efforts are going in right direction. I have analyzed the mocks and noted down my key areas of improvements. I will be working towards those improvements coming weeks and make sure I get them right next time around.

I haven’t decided on the date yet for my GMAT as I lack some confidence. My thinking now is, if i’m able to pull of 710+ score in 3 mocks(I have planned to give one mock test per week(Saturdays) for next 3 weeks) then that will be my booster. And I will right away select the date for the GMAT.

Hoping everything will go according to the plan :).

Again, All the best to all my fellow blogger/MBA applicants- My Life is Bliss– Awesome going girl!! Finally everything is coming your way with interview calls- You will nail it :), Vandana– 4 out of 4? That’s really cool. You are a Star!!!, Importunate MBA, TopDogMBA– Congrats for deciding to attend MIT Sloan, Coffee beans & Tea leaves– All the best for Duke, Naija MBA Gal– Congrats for Booth, Pulling that MBA trigger– All the best for Kellogg, UCLA and Tepper. You will get the interview invite soon :). And if i have missed anyone, please pardon me as the list is getting bigger and bigger 🙂

Until next time,



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