The festival season is here & Congrats to my fellow bloggers who got accepted!!

It’s been a long time since i posted!!!

It feels good to be back in town. I had a wonderful to trip to United States of America. Hope there is more to come in future and ultimately, i wanted to join one of my favorite B-Schools. During this trip, i had the privilege to meet my colleagues and work with them. It was wonderful to meet those people whom you contact/ converse via Lync or Mails daily.

Though it was a short trip, I really enjoyed alot in an extend where i even forgot that i’m preparing for GMAT. I did not have time or rather i should say, i was not in a mood to prepare during my travel. I even had a chance to meet my sister almost after 7 months. I had to travel to Detroit over the weekends to meet her and play with my niece. I would say, this was my best trip officially.

Now that I’m back. It’s time to start preparing for my GMAT. Actually I’m in no hurry to take it as i planned to be part of class 2018. But I’ll be taking my GMAT by 2nd week of March 2015 Max. So that I can plan or work my profile and get ready to apply for my target B-schools.

I also wanted to congrats my fellow applicants- TopDog, Naija MBA Gal, Vandana, Hugo, Grant Me Admission & TheEngineerMBA who got accepted to their target B-Schools.

And finally i wish the following for all the people who are reading my blog.

1. May your Christmas be filled with lots of happiness, peace, Love and lots of presents!!!


2. And this new year-2015- May fulfill all your wishes and dreams and may you feel this happiness all year round!!


Until next time,



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