Diwali, GMAT preparation update, & Webinar from Accepted.com

It’s a festival season for people in India. And we are enjoying it all over the country(22nd October in some parts and 23rd October in some places).

Crackers, Sweets, Joy, & Party!!


Oh boy!! What a day!!. Every year, Diwali brings color and joy to all the people in India!!

For the benefits of folks, A little insight about Diwali. Diwali is festival of lights. Each year it will be celebrated mostly in month of October or November based on the Hindu calendar(Karthigai Month-in Tamil & kartika in Hindi).

Spiritually, it signifies victory of knowledge over ignorance, good over evil. And normally in many parts of the country the celebration extends over 5 days. But main Diwali day coincides with the new and darkest moon day.

In Andra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu(I belong to a Tegulu family, brought up in Vellore[Near Chennai]Tamil Nadu), we wake up early in the morning. Take oil bath(involves extensive massage with til-oil and betal leaves). Once done with oil bath, we wear new clothes and pray to GOD to give us the courage/ strength to win over the evil/ ignorance. Then we go out to celebrate by bursting crackers.

NOTE: I used to burst crackers in my childhood but not now. Nowadays my Diwali goes with movies, & friends.

Normally, we exchange sweets between neighbours, visiting relations and Mom used to prepare Diwali special sweets(Yummy!!!!)

Now coming to the main part. As i said, since it is the festival season, I took a break from my GMAT Preparation. I will resume it starting next week. As of now, done with both Quant and Verbal. Need to Practice and overcome all my mistakes and weakness.

And I wish all my fellow MBA applicants a happy and prosperous DIWALI.

Oh wait, I’m not done yet. I received a mail from Accepted.com, they have a webinar(Connecting the Dots from the Big Apple, to Columbia Business School, to YOU!) on October 29th.

Below is the transcript of that mail.

What do Wall Street, Central Park, the New York Stock Exchange, the Empire State Building, and YOU all have in common? Why, proximity to Columbia Business School of course! You, of course, will be on campus – the other things will be a short subway ride away.

Now…the tough part: How are you going to get there? By following the steps in Get Accepted to Columbia Business School, Accepted’s new webinar that will teach you the four key strategies you need to make your Columbia goal a reality. The Big Apple is waiting for you!

Webinar details

Date: Wednesday, October 29th

Time: 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM EST

Folks who want to attend register here!!

See you all. Take care!!


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