Journey So far!! & All the best to my friends who got shortlisted for Interviews!!

It’s been a long time, since I posted. A busy schedule at office and the GMAT preparation, fully tied up with all my free hours.

Hectic Work Schedule

Anyways, now I’m back after a long break. I’m just going to share my progress in GMAT preparation. Overall I’m very much track with my schedule. I feel I’m gaining confidence on Verbal part, which is my Achilles heel. I’m done with my Critical Reasoning and Almost about to complete all the rules in Sentence correction. Now and then I keep practicing the Quants so that I don’t forget the concepts I learnt almost a month ago.

I have planned to take up a mock this weekend to assess my Quant and Verbal (only CR & SC) Skills, as I’m almost done with my preparation for both and if at all I see any areas of improvement. I had planned to work on those as well after that mock test.

Nothing much to say as of now. I tried to keep this post small and simple. See you all in next post.

Oh Wait!! I almost forgot.

Congratulations and all the best for my fellow MBA applicants on submitting their applications. Especially to GrantmeAdmission(Sorry about the HBS ding, but you will sure rock the Tuck & Kellogg interview Buddy!!), Naija MBA Gal, Pulling that MBA trigger (All the best for the Fuqua interview), TopDog(All the best for the INSEAD!!).

Also thanks to my fellow MBA Applicants—Road to MBA(All the best for your GMAT on 25th November- I will be taking it up early December), TexaswannabecaliPro GMAT, MBA on MIND(All the best for your GMAT on October 31st), and Hugo.

See you all in next post J. Till then bye for now!!


10 thoughts on “Journey So far!! & All the best to my friends who got shortlisted for Interviews!!

    • Hi mbablackgirl,

      I have initially planned for 3 months starting August(Planned to take test in Nov). But due work & personal related travel and commitment, had to push my schedule to December.


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    No surprise that anyone applying for an MBA is already rocking the business world! I need to refresh my posts too!

    See if you can squeeze in an hour of GMAT prep each morning. Worked for me. Hated getting up earlier but actually was good training for a new busier lifestyle.

    Look forward to your next post.


    • Thats what i’m currently trying to do. Getting up early in the morning.

      But i tend to wake up 2 or 3 days and then i over sleep the other days :). Hopefully I will manage to get up early all days in the week (atleast on week days) 🙂

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