1st Step to my target GMAT score!!

After a month and half into my preparation, I took a mock test yesterday (31st August 2014). I didn’t take mock test at the beginning of my preparation, since I know where I stand in GMAT, from my previous test. But I would recommend the people who start their GMAT journey for the first time to take a mock before they dive into intense preparation.

This would help them to know where they stand, what and where to improve, and what section to focus more during the preparation.

I tried to replicate the exam center experience at my home. Since Ganesh Chartuthi festival is going on, there was lot of noise outside, which I couldn’t control. I skipped the AWA section, randomly marked the entire IR section as I did not prepare for both as of now. When I completed my mock test, the score read 650. The split was Q45 and V34. I was bit shocked seeing my Quant score, but was happy that I got 34 in Verbal without any preparation.

NOTE: I wrote GMAT a year ago. So I still know the basic concepts in the verbal part.

Overall: Little satisfied with my preparation as of now.


Here is my section wise analysis.


I spent nearly 25 minutes in the first 10 questions; as a result I was able to get 7 correct in those 10. And for next 10 questions, I spent nearly 20 Minutes and I got 7 correct again. When I was done with 20 questions and 45 minutes. There was a brief power cut in my place. Curse you, power department. And I thought that, the timer would have stopped as there was no response.

Once the power came, I resumed my test. But to my shock, the timer did not stop, and it was showing only 12 minutes and I had to attend remaining 17 questions. I managed to answer at least next 4 out 5 questions correctly. But due to time shortage, I planned to finish the test instead leaving some questions unanswered. I randomly marked C for all the remaining 11 questions, due to this I got only 1 question correct and rest 10 questions wrong.  And I didn’t even have time to randomly mark the last question.

Here is split for PS & DS.


But when I saw 45 in Quants. I felt like “Not bad for randomly marking 11 questions”.

Now I need to focus on the question types which I got wrong and need to maintain my accuracy in the question types which I got correct.  I would be considering those 10 question types in my weaker section, since I got them wrong too due to my timings.

Overall: Memorize, Rinse and Repeat all the topics in Quants. That will be my mantra from now on as far as Quant section is considered. My Target score in Quant is 51. Now I see need to improve 6 points in it. I will try achieving it.


As I did not start my preparation for verbal section, I thought let me take it. So that I can see where I stand in verbal, and to see where to improve. I was really shocked to see the raw score of 34. But I was happy.

It was good start; I took more time to attend the first 10 questions as I did in Quants. As a result I got 8 questions correct. Followed by 6 correct answers in next 10. I was well within the timing for verbal.

To my surprise when I was analyzing my mock, I found that I got all the questions correct in Critical Reasoning.  I came across 4 hardest CR question and I took almost 3 minutes for each. But somehow got all of them correct. As usual Sentence correction and Reading comprehension is my weaker sections. I got 50% of questions wrong in both of these sections.

Here is the section wise split,


I’m starting my verbal preparation from tomorrow (2nd September 2014). As per my initial planning, I will be starting with Critical reasoning. I hope to improve in all 3 sections.

I target atleast 740, for top MBA program; I need a score closer to that, since I belong to INDIAN-IT category. I know I would need to put hell lot of efforts to reach that goal. A 90 point improvement is what I need. And I still have 2 full months of preparation.

Software Analysis:

I used Veritas Prep mock test this time. I initially planned to take up Magoosh, but I thought, since I have completed all the homework problems in Veritas prep. I shall use Magoosh to practice on quiz and learning mode instead of wasting the question in mock test, as both Practice test and quiz are from same pool in Magoosh.  But Veritas prep mocks have different pool of questions for Mocks.

I liked the dashboard which showed, when I finished my test. It was showing all the following details.

  1. Score Balance.
  2. Overall pacing summary.
  3. The individual pacing charts for IR, Quant, & Verbal with few tips on how to make timing strategies.

Quant PacingVerbal pacing

4. Competitiveness at top-ranked MBA program with comparison to my current mock score.


I feel, there is hell lot of work to do now, I hope to reach my target score.

Concentrate and Consolidate is the mantra here!!. I want to stay ahead and reach my target school.

See you guys later in another post. And thanks for spending your value time in my blog J.


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