Preparing for the GMAT battle!!


                          Quote: A good start is half battle won!!!

I initially planned to start my preparation in June for my GMAT. And I did study for a week or two. But as the biggest sporting event in the world started in Brazil, so I had to stop my preparation as I will be watching most of football matches and considering the above quote, I wanted to give a good start to my preparation this time. During this whole month of football carnival, I had changed my baseline dates for my GMAT project, starting with Quant from July 21st.

Off To A Good Start

It was a good journey till now. Even though I’m pretty much strong in my math basics. I started with fundamentals for a day, to make my basement more stronger. As far as my preparation materials are concerned, I’m using Veritas Prep 12 booklets + On Demand and Magoosh Premium membership.

A small insight about these two materials.

Veritas Prep : Each book contains the skill builders, skill builder quiz (Online), Lessons and Homework Problems. The Veritas prep recommends its students to finish the skill builder first and then start with the lessons. What I like about the lessons is that, each topic discussed with GMAT like problem and the learning by doing method is really good for beginners who wanted to learn the nuances in these topics. I use On-Demand videos (NOTE: It contains the same problem discussed in the book, but only difference is audio-visual that you get.) for revision of the topic, before I go to sleep each day, this makes me remember more about these specific topics and Skills required to solve the GMAT problems. The homework problems will be there at the end after the lesson chapters. But you will get only OA. If you need OE, you need to login to Student account online to see the explanation. Also you can take the practice problem online as well. Only advantage is the timer that runs in the bottom of each question, so you can practice with time online.

Magoosh : I feel it is most cheapest and value for money product, as you get full support from the staffs for less than $100. And Video lessons are really good with great explanations on the problems. I go through both Veritas Prep and Magoosh when I take up the topics, to see which one has more details in each topic. For example: Certain topics are not covered fully in Veritas and when I feel I need more review of that topic, I would use Magoosh and Vice-Versa.

Both the courses come with enormous amount of practice problems and mock tests. I believe there are 5 mocks in Magoosh (it depends on how many quizzes you take, as both are from same pool), and 12 mocks in Veritas prep.

Now, onto my preparation. I started with Arithmetic and took a week to complete it including the homework problems and normally when I’m done with homework problem from Veritas, I would go to Magoosh and do some 25-30 problems on the same topic. I had almost 87 % of accuracy on the problems in Arithmetics.

Algebra, was next as per my calendar. I always loved algebra. Same way just like Arithmetics, I took all 5 weekdays to complete everything in Algebra. And dedicated my whole weekends for practicing the problems.

Normally on Weekdays, I normally study the theory and finish the skill builders and lessons from both Veritas and Magoosh. Then on my weekends I would do the practice problems (Homework problems in Veritas + Magoosh Quizzes). That’s how my preparation is till now.

But my Achilles heals from my high school has been Combinations and Permutations.
What a Shame!!!.


I would mostly score full marks in other sections but these two has been my nightmare. I had failed few times in my high school on these two sections. I have put 1 week each for combinations and probability, but it was not fruitful as my accuracy was just around 60% in these two sections on practice problems and homework.

So I decided, I would complete other two books & lessons (DS & Word Problems) from both Magoosh and Veritas. And I have done that this week. Now I will give my full commitment to Combinations and Probability next week. And will incorporate Mike’s(Magoosh Instructor) suggestion on how to use the right brain to tackle these 2 sections.

Well, Thanks Mike. I hope I’ll improve on these sections.

Magoosh interactive dashboard has estimated my score in Quant to be in the range of 46-49. Probably due the fact that in combinations and probability, I got 4 questions wrong for every 10 questions I attended. No estimates for verbal, as I did not start my verbal preparation. I will start the preparation by September 2nd week.

As of now, the plan is to get my ground strong in Probability and Combinations in next week. And the week after(Sep 1st week), I will be practicing the whole Quant’s section(For practice- I will be using Princeton Review 1037 problems book, GMAT Club test, Bunuel’s signature Collections, Jeff’s Challenge series and of course OG Review and OG Quant’s Review). Once done with practice, on weekend planning take one Mock test, to see where I stand in Quant.

Until Next time,


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