Why MBA- How it will satisfy my needs?


I have been thinking about GMAT for quite a long time now, probably from 2011. Why MBA? Why GMAT? are the questions that popped up in my head, when i decided to prepare for GMAT. I believe most of the people are in the same boat like me when they started preparing for GMAT/MBA. My decision to pursue an MBA started within 2 months when I got a full time job. I was happy as it was my 1st job and when I felt everything going good, I realized that this will not take me to the highest level the industry.

A little background: I belong to software industry and predominantly my job is based out in India. By now, most of you would have come to know what will be my job in software industry.

Ok, I think that’s enough for little about my background. Now let’s continue with how I decided to get a Post Graduate degree and why specifically an MBA. As a child from my school days, college and even now in my workplace, I loved to take part any event management related activity that happens. Be it an organizer, presenter or coordinator, I LOVED it. I felt good when I did/do those stuffs.

The time came for to realize that my current job which I’m doing is not satisfying me and will not satisfy me in future as well. At a point, I decided and realized that I had passion for a management role. I tried an internal switch, when I had opportunity to jump to that role in my previous company. I started learning what exactly a Manager/ Management office does. It gave me immense happiness when I walked into my office daily morning and the type of job I do gave me more exposure learn more about managing and management.


After having almost a year and half years of experience, I asked to myself “Why can’t do an MBA?”. This job which I do really good, “Why I can’t go further and move up the corporate ladder soon?”. The first step we always do when we need some information is that browse the internet. I did the same. Tried finding what are the requirements for an MBA. As an Indian, I already had an idea about IIM’s and CATs. I just wanted to research more about MBA, what an MBA really do to one’s career.

As I was browsing the web, I came across GMAT. Well I already know about GRE as I wrote once when I was in college. What is this GMAT is all about, a voice in me echoed. A curiosity in me made me to look more information about GMAT. I took almost a week to completely get to know what is GMAT. Why it is so important for a candidate who wanted to pursue higher studies abroad etc.

After my full research about GMAT from various sources and forums such as GMAT Club, Beat the GMAT etc. I decided to kick start my GMAT preparation. At the end my research, I signed up for the two forums mentioned above. These two forums got various information and study materials.

Now, the main reason I choose to do an MBA is that I don’t want to end up in mid senior level in a corporate after some 8 or 9 years. Many would have been aware that it takes lot of time to reach to the top as there is ever growing competition in the industry. But after my research, I found an MBA from top B-school can put in top of the ladder as soon as you complete. Also other reason being, by doing an MBA, I thought it would give me more exposure, knowledge and path to reach my dream job. I felt MBA from a good school will give a boost and a slight edge in the completion.

That’s it for now, in my next post, I will be sharing about my experience during my 1st GMAT attempt and my current preparation for the 2nd attempt.


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